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About me

Hi, my name is Erinolda and I am a full-stack developer. I've always been passionate about design & technology and how I can combine those to create meaningful solutions for people. I graduated in Informaton Technology from University of Tirana and I am continuing my studies in Master of Science. I spend my days with my hands in many different areas of web development from back end programming to front end. I'm always learning new tools to lead the change in this ever changing world of digital experiences.


Let's make some magic shall we?

Technologies i use


Using SAP MII for backend, exchanging JSON or XML data with SAPUI interfaces, brings so many advantages to every application, especially in MVC pattern.


Working with different clients has given me the possibility to work with many databases such as HANA, MYSQL, Microsoft SQL SERVER and even Hadoop.


I use javascript in most of my projects to add some client-side behaviour.


Well... it's free, cross-platform and most of all it executes javascript server-side


HTML is the skeleton for every webpage structure, so why not for my projects. Pour some CSS on it and everything is ready.


What can be easier than wordpress to create fancy websites for my friends and family.


Got a thing for .NET framework so can't leave C# aside.


Already building small aplications in android but striving to learn more...

Get in touch

If you have any idea you think I'd just die to hear about, please feel free to contact me !

If not online, find me at my